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Dear enthusiasts

Codehaus Cargo 1.6.1, which comes with the below fixes, improvements and new features, it now ready:

  • Containers - JBoss
    • [CARGO-1385] - Add support for CLI scripts in JBoss
  • Containers - WebLogic
    • [CARGO-1410] - Add support for WebLogic 10.3.x remote deployer
  • Containers - WildFly
    • [CARGO-1408] - Exception when system property is duplicated in WildFly
    • [CARGO-1409] - Update WildFly remote deployer to use management REST API
  • Extensions - Maven2/Maven3
    • [CARGO-1407] - Uberwar doesn't work with the Maven2 / Maven3 plugin
    • [CARGO-1411] - Eclipse content assist doesn't work for Cargo Maven2 / Maven3 plugin
    • [CARGO-1413] - Enable the cargo:run mojo test

To try it out:


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