Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.6.2 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1414] - WildFly: NullPointerException when setting null system property
  • [CARGO-1415] - cargo.port.offset sets the port offset twice on WildFly containers (including EAP 7.0)
  • [CARGO-1416] - Offset doesn't work with system property
  • [CARGO-1417] - Cannot configure WildFly if there is another running WildFly server
  • [CARGO-1422] - Container element <append> doesn't work
  • [CARGO-1423] - Empty container log after stopping of container
  • [CARGO-1437] - WebLogic - Deploy cargocpc on managed server and not AdminServer


  • [CARGO-268] - Add ability to decide if a container is started without using the Cargo Ping Component


  • [CARGO-1418] - Improve the Tomcat remote deployer transfer speed
  • [CARGO-1419] - Add support for defining users on Jetty's non-embedded containers
  • [CARGO-1420] - Add the capability to ignore Maven2/Maven3 plugin execution errors
  • [CARGO-1424] - Ability to start, stop, configure or deploy to the same container instance from different Maven artifacts

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