Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.4.19 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1365] - WebLogic 12.1.x and WebSphere log level configuration doesn't work
  • [CARGO-1367] - Possible wrong loading of Tomcat 8 PostResources
  • [CARGO-1368] - WebSphere server remains running if build fails
  • [CARGO-1372] - Jetty 9.x embedded doesn't start when used with the Maven2/Maven3 plugin
  • [CARGO-1373] - Deploying expanded web app with context.xml file in Tomcat8 with extraClasspath doesn't work
  • [CARGO-1374] - Error when referencing a JBoss 5.0 web descriptor (jboss-web_5_0.dtd)
  • [CARGO-1379] - Clean shutdown of cargo-daemon-webapp

New Feature

  • [CARGO-1366] - Add support for resources features in JBoss 7.5.x (EAP 6.4)


  • [CARGO-1340] - Update Cargo Datasource and Resource Configuration documentation to show JMS configuration possibilities
  • [CARGO-1363] - How can make the Cargo Maven2/Maven3 plugin skip if tests are disabled?


  • [CARGO-1319] - Add remote support for WebLogic
  • [CARGO-1364] - Defining custom valves for Tomcat
  • [CARGO-1371] - Add support for multipart parsing since Servlet 3.0 for Tomcat >= 7.x.
  • [CARGO-1375] - Make cargo:start stop the container if startup / deployment of deployables fail
  • [CARGO-1376] - User name doesn't trim leading and trailing whitespaces
  • [CARGO-1378] - Upgrade to Jetty 9.3.x

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