Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.4.17 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1342] - Cannot perform remote deployment if Tomcat is behind Apache mod_proxy
  • [CARGO-1348] - The daemon-stop ANT task doesn't stop but rather attempt restart
  • [CARGO-1349] - The shared.loader property replacement creates wrong entries

New Feature

  • [CARGO-541] - allow multiple instances of the appserver to be running
  • [CARGO-1347] - Add JBoss 7.5(EAP6.4) container


  • [CARGO-421] - Starting & Deploying Multiple Containers
  • [CARGO-1251] - Replace weblogic.Admin with weblogic.WLST
  • [CARGO-1332] - Refactor WebLogic WLST script templates to be stored as jython files.
  • [CARGO-1350] - Make the setting of the AJP port optional


  • [CARGO-1344] - Weblogic WLST: add sample test artifact


  • [CARGO-572] - Allow deploy to several remote server

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