Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.4.15 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1323] - Impossible to create default Weblogic domain on Windows
  • [CARGO-1324] - WebLogic JMS resources - missing id
  • [CARGO-1326] - NullPointerException when skipped <cargo.servlet.users> tag

New Feature


  • [CARGO-1316] - Adding JMS Resource support for Weblogic container
  • [CARGO-1317] - Add support for setting admin username and password
  • [CARGO-1320] - Support for adding needed WebLogic JMS resources if they aren't defined in properties
  • [CARGO-1321] - Loose coupling between WebLogic121xWlstInstalledLocalContainer and WebLogic121xWlstStandaloneLocalConfiguration
  • [CARGO-1322] - Add recent JBoss DTDs
  • [CARGO-1325] - Add nonce support for the TomcatManager
  • [CARGO-1327] - WebLogic startup time improvement

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