Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.2.1 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-423] - CARGO fails to deploy to tomcat when host attribute unpackWARS="true"
  • [CARGO-564] - extraclasspath not working for embedded Jetty6
  • [CARGO-586] - Regression!!!! Cargo 1.0-beta-5 does not find deployment dependency in clover forked lifecycle
  • [CARGO-663] - additional classpath for tomcat5x not working
  • [CARGO-693] - Beginning of output log is overwritten with ^@ characters when the stop goal is called
  • [CARGO-996] - Remote cargo:deployer-deploy fails with exception when deploying from WinXP to SUSELinux JBoss 6
  • [CARGO-1025] - Can't shoutdown port 8080 for JBoss 5.1 on windows
  • [CARGO-1059] - Remote deploying to Jetty 8 fails with FileNotFoundException
  • [CARGO-1070] - WAR deployed as "" or "/" under Tomcat 7 have their war copied over, but since the ROOT folder is not deleted by undeploy, the WAR is not expanded
  • [CARGO-1074] - Bug fix CARGO-27 is incompatible with Maven, since we are expected to call goal redeploy followed by start
  • [CARGO-1077] - Standalone GlassFish configuration deletes all existing GlassFish domain when started
  • [CARGO-1078] - Duplicate entries when merging <filter-mapping>
  • [CARGO-1080] - Duplicate entries when merging servlet mappings
  • [CARGO-1081] - Duplicate entries when merging security constraints
  • [CARGO-1082] - CARGO does not create the list of roles in the tomcat users XML
  • [CARGO-1085] - WAR authentication does not work with embedded Jetty 7.6.x and 8.1.x
  • [CARGO-1086] - CARGO doesn't work with JBoss 7.1.0.Final
  • [CARGO-1087] - remote deployment to JBoss AS 7.1.0.Final in standalone configuration leads to
  • [CARGO-1088] - Undeploy fails with a non-farm configuration
  • [CARGO-1089] - pingUrl and pingTimeout doesn't work with cargo:start
  • [CARGO-1094] - Duplicate init-param element when merging filter
  • [CARGO-1096] - XML merger adds xmlns="" entries
  • [CARGO-1098] - Unable to initialize other than core containers properly

New Feature

  • [CARGO-587] - Add Packager implementation for JBoss 4.x
  • [CARGO-1083] - Add Jetty support to existing local configuration for installed container
  • [CARGO-1093] - Allow jetty existing local container to start using only configuration on the server


  • [CARGO-307] - Running Cargo from within Eclipse: killing cmd.exe process does not kill child Java process
  • [CARGO-364] - Allow spawned execution of an local containers to enable the app server to outlive the calling CARGO application (Java API, ANT or Maven2/Maven3)
  • [CARGO-435] - Handle extra jars at the container implementation level so that they can be loaded in the correct classloaders
  • [CARGO-593] - It should be possible to turn on validation when parsing desriptors
  • [CARGO-794] - Generic solution for handling packaging-type conversion for Deployable
  • [CARGO-1071] - Allow to start GlassFish domain in debug mode
  • [CARGO-1072] - Allow to set GlassFish debugger port
  • [CARGO-1079] - Add support for merging <mime-mapping>
  • [CARGO-1097] - Make use of maven artifact when computing location for deployable and dependency


  • [CARGO-872] - [Deployment/Maven] If a war-file contains a context-file with a "path" then the context-setting in the pom are ignored

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