Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.1.3 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1024] - Shared classpath causes on windows for jboss51x
  • [CARGO-1031] - ClassNotFoundException for Tomcat 6.x default logging properties
  • [CARGO-1036] - pingURL is ignored when using redeploy
  • [CARGO-1037] - JBoss standalone local configuration creation fails if user deployables with certain names
  • [CARGO-1041] - Deployment of a WAR with a subcontext does not work anymore in Tomcat
  • [CARGO-1044] - The jboss7X remote container is being constructed with the JBoss42xContainerCapability

New Feature

  • [CARGO-1027] - Allow the user to provide their own Jetty context XML
  • [CARGO-1028] - Add Jetty 8.x container
  • [CARGO-1066] - Easy way to clean deployments of a container


  • [CARGO-933] - Move maven 2 plugin samples (integration tests) to the plugin's project
  • [CARGO-1029] - In the container documentation's "properties" part, replace the "comments" column with a link to Javadoc
  • [CARGO-1032] - A deployment failure should produce an error rather than an info
  • [CARGO-1034] - Add extra classpath support for GlassFish containers
  • [CARGO-1035] - Add DataSource support for GlassFish
  • [CARGO-1038] - Implement AbstractDeployer.redeploy (with an without monitor)
  • [CARGO-1039] - Add GlassFish support for "Existing Local Configuration for installed container"
  • [CARGO-1043] - Support for JBoss 6.1.0

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