Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.3.3 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1172] - cannot redeploy to tomcat if using a context with a version
  • [CARGO-1175] - Upgrade to Servlet Spec 2.4 breaks web.xml merging capabilities for NodeMerge strategy
  • [CARGO-1176] - Configuration files option cannot override files CARGO is attempting to replace
  • [CARGO-1177] - JOnAS 5.x remote deployer cannot successfully undeploy when jonas.development is true
  • [CARGO-1178] - JOnAS 5.x remote deployer cannot undeploy in Windows
  • [CARGO-1179] - Glassfish deployment fails on Windows when contextroot = /

New Feature

  • [CARGO-1173] - Set the "file" attribute of the deployable element as optional when undeploying


  • [CARGO-91] - Add ServletPropertySet.USERS property to WebLogic 8.x's Standalone Configuration


  • [CARGO-825] - Add support for the append param for JBoss logger configuration
  • [CARGO-1170] - Add support for ServletPropertySet.USERS to WebLogic
  • [CARGO-1174] - Add support for JBossPropertySet.CONFIGURATION on JBoss 7.x and 7.1.x

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