Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 0.6 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-139] - dtd:s are loaded from the web
  • [CARGO-140] - Maven cargo plugin references cargo-ant as a dependency
  • [CARGO-141] - EjbJarXml.getVendorDescriptor returns null for WebSphere
  • [CARGO-159] - Fix SCM <connection> tags in build POMs which are using an invalid "http://" protocol
  • [CARGO-165] - Current distribution is not compatible with Maven2
  • [CARGO-167] - maven-findbugs-plugin not found when creating the distribution
  • [CARGO-168] - Distribution creation fails

New Feature

  • [CARGO-54] - Implement a ResinExistingConfiguration configuration


  • [CARGO-127] - Add support for passing system properties in the Maven plugin
  • [CARGO-152] - Add new Container.setDeployableFactory API
  • [CARGO-153] - Remove dependency on Container in Configuration's constructors and Add Configuration to Container's constructors
  • [CARGO-154] - Added new DeployableType class
  • [CARGO-155] - Separate Generic Java API from the core container API
  • [CARGO-156] - Completely separate DeployableFactory from Container interface
  • [CARGO-157] - Rename containerKey attribute in containerId in the Cargo task and add a new class attribute for custom container implementations
  • [CARGO-158] - Transform ContainerFactory class into an interface
  • [CARGO-163] - Add new ConfigurationFactory.isConfigurationRegistered() API method


  • [CARGO-143] - Allow Tomcat META-INF/context.xml to be used in expanded webapps
  • [CARGO-150] - Introduce new ConfigurationType enumeration class
  • [CARGO-151] - Replace DeployableFactory.createWAR()/EAR() by a generic createDeployable()
  • [CARGO-160] - Move all extensions to the core in a new extensions/ directory
  • [CARGO-162] - Move addDeployable/getDeployables from StandaloneConfiguration to Configuration
  • [CARGO-166] - Add DeployableMonitor.undeploy() API to monitor undeployments

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