Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 0.3 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-51] - Executing tests with several containers in a row fail the test sometimes
  • [CARGO-53] - Jetty4xEmbedded container fails some sample tests
  • [CARGO-55] - Fix the nasty way of stopping Resin 3.x that we have (thread killing)
  • [CARGO-69] - The goal cargo:clover launched in the root directory fails
  • [CARGO-70] - Failing to run Tomcat 4.x+ when WAR specified using a relative path

New Feature

  • [CARGO-41] - Add support for WebLogic 8.x in the Java and Ant APIs
  • [CARGO-44] - Add support for Resin 3.0.9
  • [CARGO-45] - Add notion of Installer to automatically install a container distribution
  • [CARGO-50] - Add proxy support to the ZipURLInstaller class
  • [CARGO-56] - Add property to configure RMI server port of Orion containers
  • [CARGO-58] - Add a "log" attribute to the Cargo tasks to provide a file where to put Cargo logs
  • [CARGO-60] - Add a Container.getState() API to get the container state


  • [CARGO-18] - Add support for WebLogic 7.x in the Java and Ant APIs
  • [CARGO-36] - Add container implementation for OC4J 9.x
  • [CARGO-46] - Add continuous build for Cargo
  • [CARGO-48] - Document the Installer/ZipURLInstaller feature
  • [CARGO-52] - Introduce notion of Configuration


  • [CARGO-43] - Add support for Tomcat 5.5
  • [CARGO-49] - Adding customization of port attribute for Catalina server config xml
  • [CARGO-57] - Use a default Tomcat shutdown port different than 8005
  • [CARGO-67] - Complete web site reorganization


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