Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.1.2 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1002] - The Cargo Maven2 deployer ignores deployables in the <configuration> element of the container
  • [CARGO-1004] - Adding a configuration file to a non-existing target directory result in FileNotFoundException
  • [CARGO-1010] - The Maven2 mojos don't enable the logger in debug mode even if Maven is started with -X option
  • [CARGO-1012] - The remote deployers don't get the logger from the configuration
  • [CARGO-1013] - JBoss AS 6X remote deploy failed: Cargo pom needs to be fixed
  • [CARGO-1016] - UberWar: dollar sign in value breaks NodeMerge strategy
  • [CARGO-1017] - UberWar: comma cannot serve as a pattern end mark
  • [CARGO-1018] - UberWar: left side expression appears twice in the merged result
  • [CARGO-1019] - cargo:deploy fails if internet is unavailable
  • [CARGO-1021] - The JOnAS installed local deployer shows incorrect warning

New Feature

  • [CARGO-796] - Add "samples" for the ANT tasks
  • [CARGO-970] - Add containerId and containerUrl attributes to the cargo:run Mojo
  • [CARGO-1014] - Add support for JBoss 7


  • [CARGO-399] - Reorganize the site and write howto tutorials
  • [CARGO-503] - Add again automated tests in build for extensions (they were gone due to our SVN reorganization)


  • [CARGO-358] - Add tutorial to explain how to do in-place web development with Cargo m2 plugin
  • [CARGO-791] - Move Maven2 integration tests into the main build
  • [CARGO-998] - Add a datasource Maven2 archetype
  • [CARGO-999] - Add documentation for the datasource Maven2 archetype
  • [CARGO-1000] - Add a remote deployment Maven2 archetype
  • [CARGO-1001] - Add documentation for the remote deployment Maven2 archetype
  • [CARGO-1003] - Improve the Tomcat 7.x remote container documentation and behaviour for the text-based manager authentication
  • [CARGO-1007] - Allow setting configuration options using Java system properties (-Dxxx=yyy)
  • [CARGO-1008] - Ant tasks require XML processing libraries in pom.xml on Maven Central
  • [CARGO-1009] - Add documentation for setting configuration options using Java system properties (-Dxxx=yyy)
  • [CARGO-1015] - Redesign JBoss remote deployer JAR loading model
  • [CARGO-1020] - Document the cargo.server.settings feature introduced in CARGO-596


  • [CARGO-799] - CARGO-791 Garbage-collect existing Maven2 tests

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