Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.2.2 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-534] - Setting context property on a WAR artifact does not affect weblogic configuration
  • [CARGO-1042] - proxy settings are still used during deployment
  • [CARGO-1091] - Module names in JBoss must not contain any periods.
  • [CARGO-1095] - Logging level is not interpreted properly for containers that output their messages on stderr
  • [CARGO-1103] - [Jetty] Impossible to deploy to root "/" context
  • [CARGO-1104] - cargo.jboss.invoker.pool.port configuration property is ignored for JBoss 5+
  • [CARGO-1105] - ConcurrentModificationException when trying to merge xml file
  • [CARGO-1108] - Cargo does not set JVM properties on Glassfish

New Feature


  • [CARGO-861] - Cargo Jetty should support external jetty-env.xml file
  • [CARGO-1099] - Allow the XML/properties replacement engine to WARN when a replacement is not possible (instead of failing)
  • [CARGO-1100] - Add the ability ignore failures when undeploy fails (for example, if the application is not deployed)
  • [CARGO-1106] - Use Jetty 7.x installed container as default

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