Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.4.6 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-1231] - bug in websphere 8.5x support for ear with multiple wars
  • [CARGO-1236] - deployment of simple war file fails for jetty 9x (9.1.0.v20131115)
  • [CARGO-1238] - Geronimo - invalid datasource descriptor for datasource SNAPHSOT dependency


  • [CARGO-1234] - Make the jetty9x container work both on Jetty 9.0.x and 9.1.x
  • [CARGO-1235] - Add support for JBoss 7.3.x / EAP 6.2.x
  • [CARGO-1237] - Add support for weblogic 12.1.2.x
  • [CARGO-1242] - Make the JBoss existing local configuration deploy the extra classpath
  • [CARGO-1243] - Add JBoss modules as a dependency to each other

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