Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.0.3 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-520] - Stopping cargo Tomcat container corrupts output log file
  • [CARGO-585] - Maven/Cargo/JBoss problem with verbose, unconfigurable logging
  • [CARGO-806] - Document the fact that OSGi applications servers do not support changing the container classpath
  • [CARGO-808] - Fix, document as unstable or remove tomcat4x
  • [CARGO-811] - can't deploy on Glassfish when empty password set
  • [CARGO-817] - The Tomcat 7.x remote deployer doesn't work
  • [CARGO-819] - CARGO Maven2 plugin thinks there is nothing to deploy if the only deployable is the Maven2 project itself
  • [CARGO-822] - Capability property is added to wrong Map object for JBoss
  • [CARGO-824] - Incorrect log4j logging levels are used in JBoss
  • [CARGO-827] - Cannot build on Windows
  • [CARGO-836] - Remote container with authentication: Credentials should be String[] instead of [Ljava.lang.Object

New Feature

  • [CARGO-481] - Add a <skip> configuration element that allows you to skip plugin's execution
  • [CARGO-696] - Run Cargo on a Parent POM


  • [CARGO-416] - JMX deployer currently uses the same path on the local filesystem and on the server one
  • [CARGO-727] - WAR created by "uberwar" does not contain manifest
  • [CARGO-804] - Support jetty plus 6.x components (jetty-env.xml)
  • [CARGO-805] - Update support for latest stable jetty-distribution 7.1.6.v20100715
  • [CARGO-812] - Add support for JMX authentication on the local JOnAS container
  • [CARGO-820] - Make the Jetty deployer webapp always deploy on /cargo-jetty-deployer
  • [CARGO-823] - Set properties for JBoss configuration changes instead of using cargo-specific config files
  • [CARGO-829] - Allow escaping of delimiter in property values
  • [CARGO-837] - Improve build configuration for releasing
  • [CARGO-838] - Make the CARGO JOnAS remote container support JOnAS 5's development mode


  • [CARGO-830] - CARGO-810 Get access to Nexus hosted repo incl. staging
  • [CARGO-831] - CARGO-810 Update distributionManagement for new Nexus repo (release and snapshot)
  • [CARGO-832] - CARGO-810 Remove any dependency to the old Codehaus repo
  • [CARGO-834] - CARGO-810 Add Codehaus parent to cargo-parent pom
  • [CARGO-835] - CARGO-810 Add license info to pom


  • [CARGO-818] - Make the samples also execute remote tests

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