Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.0.2 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-710] - The CARGO maven2 plugin's project type check creates a warning for JBoss' special types
  • [CARGO-776] - 1.0.1 cargo-maven2-plugin does not work with datasources as it does not include required dom4j dependency
  • [CARGO-777] - deployer not recognized in child pom if container defined in parent pom
  • [CARGO-778] - Resource definitions using backslashes within parameters casues problems in server.xml
  • [CARGO-785] - Incorrect info in mojo doc of cargo:redeploy
  • [CARGO-786] - Specify version of all used Maven plugins
  • [CARGO-787] - ANT tasks don't detect any container if launched via <taskdef> with classpath
  • [CARGO-788] - NullPointerException in AbstractDeployerMojo
  • [CARGO-795] - Remote Deploy Fails on Jetty7x

New Feature

  • [CARGO-214] - Adding support for custom container config files
  • [CARGO-300] - Add support for customizing files in archives and directories
  • [CARGO-740] - Support SSH Standalone configuration
  • [CARGO-782] - Create a help goal
  • [CARGO-790] - Add Support for Tomcat 7


  • [CARGO-659] - Create Coding and Style conventions for Java 5
  • [CARGO-666] - Document configFiles option
  • [CARGO-779] - Fix headers in source and project files
  • [CARGO-792] - Deprecate the Maven 1 Plugin
  • [CARGO-840] - Cargo 1.0.2 (possibly also earlier releases) don't work with Maven since the migration to the new Codehaus repo


  • [CARGO-227] - Allow passing a custom server.xml file when using a Tomcat Standalone local configuration
  • [CARGO-551] - Cargo plugin does not support Http Authentication
  • [CARGO-556] - Jetty6x- Allow configuration of all parameters that maven-jetty-plugin allows e.g. overrideWebXml
  • [CARGO-712] - Setting timeout to 0 should tell cargo not to wait for the container to start
  • [CARGO-734] - Add Tomcat support for multi-level context paths
  • [CARGO-780] - Re-phrase description on cargo:start and cargo:install (regarding cargo:install being automatically performed by cargo:start)
  • [CARGO-781] - If a container Installer has been specified, it should be used even though container home has been specified
  • [CARGO-783] - Add cargo:configure and cargo:package to the list of available Maven 2 Plugin goals
  • [CARGO-784] - Add info about alias for goal deployer-redeploy


  • [CARGO-657] - CARGO-656 Replace usage of String.indexOf instead with String.contains
  • [CARGO-658] - CARGO-656 Add @Override tag to all overridden methods
  • [CARGO-798] - CARGO-791 Create an IT for CARGO Maven2, that covers CARGO-776 (and many more features)
  • [CARGO-801] - CARGO-796 Create an IT for CARGO ANT, that covers CARGO-776 and CARGO-787 (and many more features)

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