Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 1.0.1 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-389] - If project has multiple dependencies to artifacts with same artifactId, groupId but not with type the false artifact can be deployed!
  • [CARGO-459] - path for the default web application (empty context) must be equal to a zero-length string not "/"
  • [CARGO-516] - Deploying a WAR into <context>ROOT</context> results in two apps being deployed
  • [CARGO-521] - Link to source broken on the download page
  • [CARGO-525] - conf/server.xml is not populated with the data source when the container Id is tomcat5x
  • [CARGO-528] - ContainerStopMojo is missing "@requiresDependencyResolution compile"
  • [CARGO-539] - Error in mvn cargo:start - failure in booting jboss
  • [CARGO-598] - deployable/properties/name is ignored by deployEar when deploying a EAR file to container
  • [CARGO-614] - specifying root context in a deployable element doesn't work
  • [CARGO-651] - Embedded Jetty Container fails to compile JSPs with tag libraries: Unable to initialize TldLocationsCache
  • [CARGO-673] - Application context created by AbstractCatalinaStandaloneLocalConfiguration always have a leading forward slash in the context path.
  • [CARGO-702] - localhost is hardcoded for weblogic stop
  • [CARGO-703] - Add username and password support for JBoss server commands
  • [CARGO-704] - Add methods to LocalConfiguration
  • [CARGO-705] - 'Username' attribute for Tomcat5x configuration
  • [CARGO-709] - Error creating Oracle DataSource on WebLogic 10.3x
  • [CARGO-714] - Tomcat transaction resource is defined globally, which doesn't work in tomcat 5.5 or 6
  • [CARGO-716] - cargo:stop doesn't work on JOnAS 5
  • [CARGO-723] - cargo:stop doesn't work with JBoss EAP 5
  • [CARGO-733] - deploy of ROOT.war is deployed twice
  • [CARGO-735] - AbstractInstalledLocalContainer will cause a NullPointerException if a simple file name is used as the "output" file
  • [CARGO-738] - Shared classpath does not work in Tomcat 5.x on windows
  • [CARGO-745] - Goal deploy:start wait tomcat despite of <wait>false</wait>
  • [CARGO-753] - Jetty7x samples don't pass if JDK path contains spaces
  • [CARGO-754] - samples don't pass on jboss5x
  • [CARGO-755] - samples don't pass on jboss6x
  • [CARGO-756] - samples don't pass on jboss51x
  • [CARGO-758] - Unable to set bind address to when starting jboss
  • [CARGO-763] - ANT integration not working without undocumented dargo dependencies
  • [CARGO-766] - org/codehaus/cargo/util/log/Logger missing from Uberjar
  • [CARGO-767] - samples don't pass on jetty7x
  • [CARGO-768] - JSP compilation doesn't work on tomcat4x
  • [CARGO-769] - jo1x stop doesn't support RMI port (but start does)
  • [CARGO-770] - jboss stop sometimes doesn't work
  • [CARGO-774] - JBossAS 6.0.0.M3 error during boot.log
  • [CARGO-960] - CLONE -Deploying a WAR into <context>ROOT</context> results in two apps being deployed

New Feature

  • [CARGO-491] - Add support for Glassfish
  • [CARGO-553] - Allow users to specify runtime arguments via properties
  • [CARGO-596] - Defining server settings in Maven's settings.xml
  • [CARGO-600] - Patch that allows Ant task to configure only (without start).
  • [CARGO-744] - Support Jetty 7x from
  • [CARGO-748] - Add support for JBoss AS 6
  • [CARGO-765] - Glassfish v3 support ?


  • [CARGO-667] - Document the Cargo Jetty deployer


  • [CARGO-342] - cargo-core-api-generic should discover implementations through META-INF/services
  • [CARGO-366] - Add EJB support criteria to the container pages on the Cargo web site
  • [CARGO-411] - Undeploy implemented for TomcatCopyingInstalledLocalDeployer
  • [CARGO-413] - DeployableMonitor required to be used in a separate thread
  • [CARGO-448] - Replace GeneralPropertySet.JVMARGS property with a proper API in RunnableContainer
  • [CARGO-492] - The cargo.jvmargs element is instable against formatting.
  • [CARGO-739] - Postgres driver expects 'username' in datasource
  • [CARGO-746] - File#toURL() is deprecated, use toURI().toURL()
  • [CARGO-751] - Make sure all containers handle the memory-related JVM arguments the same way
  • [CARGO-761] - CARGO sample tests should use random ports
  • [CARGO-762] - If hostname and port changed but no remote URL defined, update the default URL
  • [CARGO-771] - Make all containers use the CARGO factories
  • [CARGO-773] - cargo:stop displays logs twice


  • [CARGO-711] - customize config.xml for standalone weblogic container

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