Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 0.8 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-239] - AbstractNodeList can't remove a wrapped element
  • [CARGO-265] - Uberjar pom is incorrect
  • [CARGO-271] - Change default location of resin.conf in standalone configurations to match default Resin layout
  • [CARGO-276] - cargo:deploy fails when there are blanks in the url to the file
  • [CARGO-285] - Align our jboss-service.xml file with the default JBoss versions

New Feature

  • [CARGO-47] - Add support for Jetty 5.x and Jetty 6.x
  • [CARGO-148] - Add Geronimo support
  • [CARGO-278] - Introduce notion of Embedded containers


  • [CARGO-194] - Implement JMX hot-deployer
  • [CARGO-221] - Rename all m1 groupId from project.xml files in org.codehaus.cargo
  • [CARGO-246] - Create a new general "cargo.rmi.port" property
  • [CARGO-247] - Generalize manager user name and password properties
  • [CARGO-269] - Remove cargo.tomcat.manager.username/password properties in favor of the generic cargo.remote.username/password properties
  • [CARGO-291] - Add API to factories to retrieve registered implementation classes
  • [CARGO-294] - Automate the generation of Container documentation pages
  • [CARGO-297] - Write migration guide from Cargo 0.7 to Cargo 0.8


  • [CARGO-208] - Minor utility additions
  • [CARGO-210] - Improvements to JarArchive / WarArchive
  • [CARGO-217] - Add new ContainerCapabilityFactory to discover a container's capabilities by container id
  • [CARGO-224] - Want to choose an XPath implementation
  • [CARGO-240] - Further Improvements to the merging classes
  • [CARGO-241] - Support for resin webapp, including classes for merging of resin-web.xml
  • [CARGO-244] - Allow not specifying a configuration directory for standalone configurations
  • [CARGO-249] - Add mergeable context parameter to webxml
  • [CARGO-257] - Merge : create simple classes for merging non-descriptor xml files
  • [CARGO-258] - Add WarArchiveMerger
  • [CARGO-270] - Use TomcatCopyingLocalDeployer as the default local deployer
  • [CARGO-273] - Increase default container timeout to 2 minutes
  • [CARGO-274] - Add new Container unknown state when the container is unknown
  • [CARGO-279] - Rename logging API
  • [CARGO-280] - Change default jsp servlet class for oc4j
  • [CARGO-282] - Remove superfluous LocalContainer.setHome(String) API
  • [CARGO-283] - Support HTTPS protocol for standalone Tomcat 5.x
  • [CARGO-284] - Add HTTPS protocol support to HttpUtils
  • [CARGO-289] - Make Cargo Ant task block by default when container is started
  • [CARGO-292] - Add ability to retrieve the list of configuration capability properties
  • [CARGO-293] - Add new ConfigurationCapabilityFactory to discover a configuration's capabilities
  • [CARGO-298] - Rename configuration dir attribute by home to align it with the core Java API
  • [CARGO-299] - Rename configuration dir property by a home property to align it with the core Java API


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