Release Notes - Codehaus Cargo - Version 0.7 - HTML format


  • [CARGO-138] - Do not add a new Deployable when using a Deployer if it's already in the list to be deployed
  • [CARGO-169] - containers Installations are duplicated
  • [CARGO-173] - Property "cargo.container.<containerName>.config.hint" is now deprecated
  • [CARGO-203] - NPE when deploying tomcat on ant
  • [CARGO-206] - Incorrect Home URL passed to JBoss 3.x
  • [CARGO-215] - NPE if no container output file is defined by the user
  • [CARGO-225] - DefaultConfigurationFactory fails when creating runtime configurations
  • [CARGO-232] - ClassCastException when trying to deploy an EAR in Tomcat 4.x or 5.x
  • [CARGO-250] - Maven 1 plugin jar missing plugin.jelly file

New Feature

  • [CARGO-16] - Add support for JBoss 3.x
  • [CARGO-66] - Add support for JBoss 4.x
  • [CARGO-116] - Add a Local Deployer for Tomcat
  • [CARGO-117] - Add a Tomcat Deployer (using the manager)
  • [CARGO-171] - Add a JBossDeployer implementation
  • [CARGO-172] - Add a JBossExistingConfiguration implementation
  • [CARGO-184] - Create Tomcat Existing configuration
  • [CARGO-187] - ui customizer for cargo-maven-plugin's properties in netbeans maven project
  • [CARGO-189] - It should be possible to add ejb modules to an enterprise application descriptor.
  • [CARGO-190] - It should be possible to assign an ejb to a dispatch policy
  • [CARGO-192] - Support existing configuration for WebLogic
  • [CARGO-211] - API for implementing merging
  • [CARGO-234] - Add support for EJB deployables


  • [CARGO-132] - Remove cargo-* ant tasks
  • [CARGO-164] - Move container implementations into separate subprojects
  • [CARGO-180] - Add redeploy(Deployable) method to the Deployer interface
  • [CARGO-181] - Add support for remote containers
  • [CARGO-202] - Add notion of Deployer type to represent local and remote deployers
  • [CARGO-204] - Create Tomcat classes for supporting remote deployments
  • [CARGO-213] - Rename homeDir property in home in LocalContainer and Installer to align it with LocalConfiguration.
  • [CARGO-219] - Create a core/uberjar project to generate an aggregated core jar (uberjar)
  • [CARGO-220] - Rename all m2 groupIds to org.codehaus.cargo
  • [CARGO-235] - Add support for EJB deployments


  • [CARGO-193] - Refactor SPI package names
  • [CARGO-195] - Move JBossWAR and TomcatWAR classes to their container's package
  • [CARGO-196] - Align Ant task "homeDir" attribute with the Java API by renaming it to "home"
  • [CARGO-198] - Refactor the ContainerCapability interface to be more generic
  • [CARGO-199] - Add getType() method to the Container interface
  • [CARGO-200] - Add getType() method to the Deployable interface
  • [CARGO-201] - Add getType() method to the Configuration interface
  • [CARGO-205] - Add API to check if a given deployer has been registered, when using the generic API
  • [CARGO-209] - Base classes for wrapping Elements
  • [CARGO-218] - Removed creation of default configurations when creating a container using a ContainerFactory
  • [CARGO-233] - Replace <war> and <ear> config element by a generic <deployable> one in the Cargo Ant task


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