Cargo Ant Tasks do not support any action with the remote containers


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I was trying to deploy a WAR file using the Cargo Ant task version 1.0.6 to a
remote Tomcat server. As far as I can see from the documentation I have to
set the container type to remote and the configuration type to runtime.
However, when I run it I get the following error message:

This error message doesn't quite make sense to me because I don't want to
set the home (it sits on a different server) and I don't want to download
Tomcat from an URL (zipurlinstaller) because I already have an installation
on my server. I thought using the type remote would prevent having to choose
between home and zipurlinstaller. Am I missing a specific parameter here?

Here's my Ant code:


Savas Ali Tokmen


Savas Ali Tokmen


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