The remote cargo-jetty-deployer does not work with Jetty 7.2.0


Here's what I exactly did:
1. Download cargo-jetty-7-and-onwards-deployer-1.0.4.war from here:
2. Put cargo-jetty-7-and-onwards-deployer-1.0.4.war into JETTY_HOME/webapps
3. Start Jetty (I installed the latest jetty-distribution-7.2.0.v20101020.tar.gz)
4. I get the following from the jetty log (JETTY_HOME/logs/stderrorout.log):

5. Though seeing the error, I continued visiting and see a page saying:

6. I also tried visiting and see the same page as above.
7. Same thing happens visitng
8. Having these results, I downloaded the cargo source from and created a new war out from it by creating a new maven project and putting in all library dependencies in the pom.xml. I did not edit anything from the source code.
9. Removed the old war file from JETTY_HOME/webapps
10. I then put the new cargo-jetty-deployer in JETTY_HOME/webapps
11. Start Jetty again and this time, no errors were logged.
12. Now, going to http://www.hostname:com/cargo-jetty-deployer displays the page:

13. Click the both the 2 links, META-INF and WEB-INF displays the page:

14. There's no activity in the jetty log.
15. Now, going to http://www.hostname:com/cargo-jetty-deployer/deploy or /deploy?path=/sample or /undeploy displays the same 404 error message as above like:

Any idea what's wrong?


Savas Ali Tokmen


Don Santillan


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