Adding support for custom container config files


From mailing list:

I think we really need to allow users to pass custom config files to Cargo.
ATM we are offering 2 solutions: standalone config or existing config. I think we need to make the standalone config more flexible.

The idea is to offer the following options:

1/ I need a default config, I'll use a standalone config using defaults and possibly configuring ports, security, etc.

2/ I need more flexibility. For example I need to add a datasource to the config. This would be done by using a standalone config but passing a custom config file (for example resin.conf for resin).

I'm proposing to pass it using properties:

Configuration.setProperty(ResinPropertySet.RESIN_CONF, ...)

cargo.resin.resin_conf = path/to/my/custom/resin.conf

3/ I want full control on the configuration or I already have an existing config I want to reuse: I use an Existing Configuration.

Note: We'll make the Ant filters available so that the user can use them in their config files if they want.

Note: I'm categorizing this issue in core as it concerns all containers but we'll need to split it into several issues when we start tackling it.


Savas Ali Tokmen


Vincent Massol


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