Incorrect license of cargo-core-uberjar


The license of cargo itself and cargo-core-uberjar is Apache License 2.0 but the cargo-core-uberjar artifact contains files having LGPL license (coming transitively from JOnAs through repackaging):

I'm afraid that also code contained in cargo-core-uberjar-1.7.5-sources.jar/org/ow2/jonas/tools/configurator/configurator-impl.jar is covered by LGPL.

IANAL but if a library contains some LGPL code then the library must be either under GPL or LGPL. In any case, current state is wrong.

I see following options how this can be fixed:

  1. LGPL code is removed from the uberjar, dependency is made optional for those who need it

  2. JOnAs code re-used in Cargo is updated to Apache License 2.0 (or anything compatible with it)

  3. LGPL is applied to cargo-core-uberjar

I prefer going with option 1). Going with option 3) would not allow me to use cargo in my project.


Lukas Jungmann


Lukas Jungmann


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