WebLogic - Deploy cargocpc on managed server and not AdminServer


While trying to deploy to a managed server on WebLogic 12.2.1 using cargo, I noticed that the cargocpc war is deployed using the autodeploy functionality on WebLogic which currently can only deploy to the Admin Server.
Through configuration is possible to tell cargo to deploy the target war to a managed server (cargo.websphere.server, cargo.servlet.port) but since cargo.servlet.port is used to connect to the managed server and to verify the cargocpc url, is not possible to have a successful container start in this case.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Execute the cargo ant task with:

  • containerid: weblogic122x

  • cargo.websphere.server: name of managed server

  • cargo.servlet.port: port of managed server

  1. Cargo connects to the managed server through WLST using the server name and the servlet port

  2. Cargo deploys war file on managed server

  3. Cargo uses autodeploy to deploy cargocpc (AdminServer)

  4. Cargo starts admin server

  5. Cargo start checking if URL <host>:<cargo.servlet.port>/cargocpc is available

  6. Managed server starts successfully

  7. Cargo timeout expires since cargocpc is available at the AdminServer port, not the managed server

  8. Container start fails and file gets undeployed




Cristina Hinojosa


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