Jetty Deployer webapp ignores jetty.base when deciding where to place new .war files


I have a fresh, relatively generic Jetty 9.2 setup. I do have jetty.base setting, which differs from jetty.home, which is the recommended configuration for jetty.

I've added cargo-jetty-7-and-onwards-deployer.war and attempted to deploy a webapp. The webapp is uploaded to ${jetty.home}/webapps, not ${jetty.base}/webapps as desired.

I reviewed the source code. In org.codehaus.cargo.deployer.jetty.DeployerServlet, I see the initialization of webAppDirectory. It is based on configHome, which is either System.getProperty("config.home"); or System.getProperty("jetty.home"); It seems to me that it should use System.getProperty("jetty.base"), if defined.

The code has comment: TODO find a better means of determining the configuration and webapp directories

I can work around the problem by setting the config.home system property. But it seems like the deployer should use the jetty.base property.

I am using jetty-distribution-9.2.14.v20151106.


S. Ali Tokmen


Todd Hivnor


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