weblogic and cargo 1.4.6 does not find config.xml


note first: (after upgrading to weblogic and cargo 1.4.6)
After I had first installed with weblogic, the cargo 1.4.6 plugin does not work with with the oracle weblogic developers installation ( wls1212_dev.zip )
as there is no inventory/registry.xml which cargo seems to depend on. (weblogic does not, I can start a new domain without problems)

When I installed the full package I have this file, but I run into the following problem:
maven is called with:
mvn cargo:run
[INFO] Failed to create a WebLogic 12.1x standalone configuration
Resource [org/codehaus/cargo/container/internal/resources/weblogic121x/config.xml] not found in resource loader java.net.URLClassLoader@8bfa09
I assume it seeks the config.xml from the project directory where he is creating the domain, but I am not sure about that.

the following is the relevant project configuration, logs and maven output:
(see attachment config_and_output.txt)

I have no workaround ;-/


Savas Ali Tokmen


Stefan Hummert


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