Functionality for adding ejb-refs to web applications


Cactus needs some new feature from the cargo deployment api to allow testing of local ejbs.
These are:

  • Parsing of ejb-jar.xml

  • Parsing of vendor descriptors to retrieve jndi name

  • Adding ejb-refs to web.xml

  • Adding ejb-refs to vendor descriptors

I have included a patch that does this. Supported appservers are WebLogic, Websphere and Oracle.
Do get everything working I have done some refactoring like for example:

  • Moved functionality to abstract base classes. For this purpose some new interfaces has been added.

  • Introduced vendor descriptors that the base descriptor holds references to. This allows users to write generic code which doesn´t bothers with app server specifics.

  • DTD parsing

There is still some refactoring left to be done, like:

  • Use new interface where appropriate, cleanup, rethink design

  • Use a more object oriented api for descriptor manipulating

  • Remove the DescriptorTag classes and use DTD parsing instead


Vincent Massol


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