Property injection from Maven settings.xml not working


Properties specified in the Maven settings.xml don't get injected using the <cargo.server.setttings> property as described here (

The Maven build debug output states that both the existence of the <cargo.server.settings> property and a corresponding <server> instance in the settings.xml are detected. However after that none of the properties defined in the <server><configuratio> instance get injected (no debug output).

By looking at the AbstractCargoMojo, I understand that the injected properties should get logged for debug (which would be counterproductive for hiding server credentials for example).

Furthermore from looking at the code, my guess is that createConfiguration() in org.codehaus.cargo.maven2.configuration.Configuration is filling the configuration with properties and default values (such as "localhost", "4848" etc). Now AbstractCargoMojo only injects properties that are not existing in the configuration. Could it be that these default values prevent AbstractCargoMojo from injecting the properties from the settings.xml?


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