Allow direct configuration of SSL/TLS connector options for Tomcat 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x stand alone local configurations


There are a number of configuration attributes on the "Connector" element in server.xml. For a stand alone local configuration, the ability to control the settings for the JSSE based implementation of SSL/TLS support would make testing against a secured Tomcat with Cargo far easier.

The attached patch adds support for the configuration of the server key store, trust store, client authentication, and protocol settings.

The patch adds 2 checkstyle violations relating to complexity; however, the metrics do not reflect the real-world simplicity of the method implementation and can be considered false positives.

I did not see any integration tests that examine the resulting server.xml file and therefore did not include tests of the new features. I tested the updated code against the project I am working on. If there are automated tests of this aspect of the container support, please indicate where these reside and I will happily add the new features to the test.

Finally, the documentation that enumerates the container configuration options is generated by the build. Is there anything specific that I need to do in the code base to ensure that the new options appear in the documentation?


David Valeri


S. Ali Tokmen


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