Add the ability ignore failures when undeploy fails (for example, if the application is not deployed)


The deployment against a JBoass AS 7 is very restrictive.
One need to know the exact state of the server.

Is the application deployed or not?

With other application servers I could not recognize this behavior!

The original JBoss deployment plugin "jboss-as-maven-plugin" has the same strange behavior. But at least it gaves the option to deploy over an existing application via the use of "force".

In our usecase we want to undeploy the application before every new deployment - if it does exist. Of course this is not possible initial. But a Tomcat instance ignores that. JBoss throws an exception.

It would be nice, if cargo could catch this annoying exception.

And other option could be to support to "force" a deployment. JBoss supports to force a deployment. So it re-deploys, if the application does exist. I do not realy like the last solution, but it es better than nothing.

Thanks in advance for your reply!


Savas Ali Tokmen


Stephan Lau


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