Logging level is not interpreted properly for containers that output their messages on stderr


I'm running the Maven 2 Plugin with the following configuration in order to run integration tests:

When I do a mvn cargo:run or similar I get the following very noisy output on the console:

As you can see I get a stream of [WARNING] messages that should actually be [INFO] messages, three identical "ContextHandler:started" messages for cargocpc.war and then four identical "ContextHandler:started" messages for webapp-with-jdk14-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war (my webapp) and an apparently genuine "WARNING: System properties and/or JVM args set. Consider using --dry-run or --exec" which means nothing to me and does not seem to be anything I can either fix or suppress.

I'm a big believer in the importance of keeping logging light and accurate, so repetitive and inaccurate logging like this is something I'd like to know how to fix.


Savas Ali Tokmen


Rob Elliot


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